Features and Benefits of Artificial Christmas Trees

As the holiday season approaches, one of the most often considered decorating decisions for many families is whether to choose a real or artificial Christmas tree. While real trees have their own nostalgic charm and beauty, artificial trees offer a range of benefits that make them a popular choice for many. Let’s take a look at some of the best features of artificial Christmas trees and the differences between the various types available.

christmas trees in a store

Fake trees last far longer

One of the biggest advantages of artificial Christmas trees is that they are long-lasting. Unlike real trees, which shed needles and have a limited lifespan, an artificial tree can be used year after year without losing its shape or color.

Transporting and discarding real trees can be a lot of work

Some may see it as a chore while others view it as a tradition. Picking out a tree as a family can be quite fun. Strapping it to your vehicle and then dragging it through your house can be a little less fun. Cleaning up the needles both from bringing it in the house, for the entirety of the month while it sits in your living room and then while you drag it back out to the curb after Christmas, leaving another trail of dead needles again.

Please don’t see me as a Grinch as I enjoy nothing more than walking into someone’s home that does have a freshly cut tree. But those are the realities of the process.

They are easy to take apart and store

Artificial trees are typically easy to assemble, with many coming with pre-lit lights already installed. After the holiday season, artificial trees can be easily disassembled and stored in a compact box or bag.

Definitely more cost effective

While the upfront cost of an artificial tree can be higher than that of a real tree, the long-term cost is significantly lower. You can use the same tree year after year, and you don’t need to worry about purchasing a new one every year. When you factor in the cost of purchasing a tree every year or purchasing one that will last for five to ten years, the math gets very simple.

A wide variety of selection

There are a variety of colors from traditional green to silver and white. Even black is becoming a trend nowadays. Artificial trees come in a range of sizes and styles making it easy to find the perfect tree to suit your home’s decor. From small tabletop to full-size trees that stand well over six feet tall, you can find a tree that fits your space and style.

They are just plain safer

Real trees have long been known for drying out and susceptible to overheating from lights and catching fire. Their aroma and natural beauty cannot be overstated in bringing in the warm memories from childhood, but they can be a danger if not properly monitored. Fake trees do not have these issues since many years of statistics have shown us that they are far safer in the home.

Types of artificial Christmas Trees

Although some refer to them as plastic, this is not always the case. When it comes to the different types available, the variety can be far more diverse than people realize. Here are some variations to consider when making a purchase.

Unlit trees

Unlit trees are the most basic because they don’t come with any lights pre-installed. While this means you can customize the them to your liking, it also means you’ll need to purchase and install the lights separately.

Trees that already have lights

Pre-lit trees come with lights already installed, saving you time and effort during the setup process. They also come in a variety of bulb options, including clear, multi-color, and LED. While they are more expensive than unlit trees, they are also more convenient.

Many people were hesitant when these were first introduced to the market over the concern that they would not get the longevity out of the product if the lights no longer worked. While this is justified, consumers usually change them out more rapidly than the standard set by the previous generation of keeping the tree for over a decade.

Fiber optic trees

Fiber optic trees are a unique type of faux Christmas tree that uses fiber optic cables to create a dazzling light display. They are typically more expensive than other types of artificial trees, but they offer a unique and eye-catching look.

fiber optic lighting

Artificial snow covered – who knew there was a word for this?

Flocked trees are covered in a layer of artificial snow or frost, giving them a snowy appearance. They are a great option for those who want to create a winter wonderland in their home but don’t want to deal with the mess of real snow.

The reality is that artificial Christmas trees offer a range of benefits over real trees, including longevity, convenience, cost-effectiveness, and variety. With the different types available, you can easily find a tree that suits your style and needs. Whether you choose an unlit tree, a pre-lit tree, a fiber optic tree, or a flocked tree, an artificial Christmas tree can be a beautiful and practical addition to your holiday decor.