Hellfire Club Shirt from Stranger Things

helffire club from strangers things

Any fan of the show Stranger Things is familiar with The Hellfire Club. While rumors spread across the community about the evil acts committed by this group, in fact they were just Dungeons & Dragons players that met regularly to play the game. The season heavily focused on this club and specifically its leader Eddie … Read more

Step2 Christmas Tree Alternatives for Toddlers

children decorating tree

It’s the magic of Christmas but without the potential for your toddler to break all the family ornaments. Children want to partake in the festivities of trimming the tree, but let’s face it. Oftentimes those same ornaments that beautify your tree are often fragile, easily breakable glass and are sometimes hung with metal hooks. This … Read more

Gift Ideas for Someone Who Wants to Learn Chess

learning chess

The game of chess has been played for centuries but still many are intimidated by it. What most people don’t realize is once you have the basic moves down, it more or less becomes a lifetime of learning the different strategies associated with playing. As popular as it is, many people still do not play … Read more

What to Buy for Star Wars Fans This Christmas

star wars header

With a franchise that has spanned decades, Star Wars is everywhere. The question becomes, “how dedicated is the fan you are about to buy for?” Some people are passive in their collection while others want lightsabers on their wall. Here are plenty of gift ideas for your hard to buy for friend or family member. … Read more

Game of Thrones Gift Ideas for Christmas

This series was a very long running show that had an entire world built around it. Lots of characters and symbolism was huge throughout. As far as gift ideas, there are plenty to choose from. Below we will give you some ideas and some context around each. Hand of the King Sometimes you just need … Read more

Gift Ideas for the Nerdy Scientist

glass chemistry flasks with liquids

There is always that one family member that is tough to buy for. They like everything science but let’s face it, you’re not going to buy them a particle accelerator for the holidays. So instead, get them something a little fun and still satisfies that intellectual, inquisitive nature of theirs. Tea Infuser If they like … Read more

Barbecue Enthusiast Gift Ideas

open fire grill

People that love to grill and barbecue look forward to Christmas morning as hopefully as a 12 year old kid. Having dropped hints all year, they are usually giddy with excitement to see what is under the tree. As hobbies go, these are a loyal bunch and what makes it wonderful is, unlike so many … Read more

White Elephant Gift Ideas For Christmas Parties

gift boxes

Ah yes, it is that time of year when family, friends and coworkers organize the Holiday gift grab. This time honored tradition goes by many names; Secret Santa, Yankee Swap, White Elephant and other variations. The rules are basically the same with some differences but it ultimately always comes down to finding a present for … Read more