Gift Ideas for the Nerdy Scientist

There is always that one family member that is tough to buy for. They like everything science but let’s face it, you’re not going to buy them a particle accelerator for the holidays. So instead, get them something a little fun and still satisfies that intellectual, inquisitive nature of theirs.

Tea Infuser

robot tea infuser

If they like robots and they really enjoy tea, then this is a perfect match. A little bit of pop culture and fun. For the tea aficionados who prefer to measure out and steep their own tea, this makes a great gift. Find this right here on Amazon

astronaut capsule tea infusor

Or if not robots, how about an astronaut and space capsule? Click here.

Thermometer & Barometer

Galileo thermometer and barometer

Stylish and decorative, your recipient does not need to be a meteorologist to enjoy this gift. The Galileo thermometer is well known and the globe that measures barometric pressure completes the set. Find it here.

Shot Glasses

chemistry shot glasses

Now here is a gift to be shared. Give them a set of chemistry style shot glasses. They will be proud to display and this is one present that will be sure to get some use again and again. Find them right here.

Bottle Opener

Now almost anyone that loves science often likes Sci Fi movies. Here is an inexpensive stocking stuffer idea. For just a few dollars, give them a Millennium Falcon keychain and bottle opener. If you are not a fan, know that this will likely hit the mark 99% of the time. Click here to find on Amazon.

Ties for Christmas

Ties for Christmas are just as common as socks. But this is no ordinary tie. For science geeks, wearing a well appointed men’s tie with the schematics of the Millennium Falcon, is the ultimate holiday treasure. Check it out here.

Electronics Socks

Socks are always welcome at Christmas time. Made to look like a circuit board, this pair are comfy and stylish. Made to look like a circuit board, they will likely put them on right there on Christmas morning. Click here to order.

Deck of Playing Cards

Since we are on the theme of circuit boards and still looking for great stocking stuffers, here is a great gift. Card games have become popular again and this would certainly WOW their geeky friends. Check them out here.

Drink Coasters

floppy disk drink coasters

For a little bit of nostalgia and home d├ęcor, here is a throwback in technology. Floppy Disk (1.3 Mb) coasters. Here is another great stocking stuffer and a must have for nerdy desks. Order your set of six here.

Desk Display

acrylic periodic table of elements

Here is a fairly unique idea that is sure to catch them off guard. An acrylic engraved sample of the periodic table of elements. This piece has actual samples of most of the chemical elements (well, they couldn’t include the radioactive ones). Look this up on Amazon.