Hellfire Club Shirt from Stranger Things

Any fan of the show Stranger Things is familiar with The Hellfire Club. While rumors spread across the community about the evil acts committed by this group, in fact they were just Dungeons & Dragons players that met regularly to play the game. The season heavily focused on this club and specifically its leader Eddie Munson.

Like all things pop culture, fans focus in on the details and especially cool memorabilia. For the 2022 Christmas shopping season, one of the hottest items people are searching for is the baseball shirt and logo of this D&D team.

The Hellfire Shirt

If you are giving gifts this holiday season, you do not need to know about the show. But the recipient, if they are a big fan themselves will instantly recognize the logo.

While the actual article of clothing on the show is a long sleeve baseball shirt, people just instantly recognize the logo itself. That means it can appear almost anywhere. Sweatshirts, water bottles, t shirts and lunch boxes.