Step2 Christmas Tree Alternatives for Toddlers

It’s the magic of Christmas but without the potential for your toddler to break all the family ornaments. Children want to partake in the festivities of trimming the tree, but let’s face it. Oftentimes those same ornaments that beautify your tree are often fragile, easily breakable glass and are sometimes hung with metal hooks.

This can definitely be a cause for concern in the hands of a two year old. Not to mention that some can be irreplaceable when handed down from generations. We know that everyone probably has a few heirlooms and some that you spent more on than you probably should have but it just looked so perfect.

One of the better known brands on the market for Christmas Trees made for toddlers is produced by Step 2. Fun and impervious to their less than delicate touch. While this plastic tree is a great solution, there are other products that can deliver a very similar experience for your child.

children christmas tree decoration

50 LED lights and 32 ornaments provides lots of enjoyment and can be hung on most any wall in the house. Made of felt, this colorful decoration can be folded and put away each year taking up very little room of storage.

This cone shaped tree allows little ones to decorate 360°. With seventeen feet of battery powered LED lights, this will shine when the lights are low giving the same effect in your child’s room. 20 ornaments easily adhere to the felt of the tree and allow your children to continuously move and play with this fun decoration.

cone shaped children christmas tree
advent christmas tree for children

What better way to countdown the days till Christmas than with an Advent calendar. This decorative tree from Melissa & Doug allows your kids to arrange the ornaments however they want and makes it an interactive toy for the whole month.

These toys are great ways to decorate a child’s playroom. Fun, creative and imaginative play that kids can engage in around the holiday season.