Pickle Christmas Ornaments

They are fun, they are kitchy. The Christmas pickle on the tree is just one of those traditions everyone should be a part of. People love to search for them on the tree and you can find one to match almost any tree decorating theme.

The Legend of the Christmas Pickle – Poem

To start a tradition that will surely last,

Here’s a short story about the pickle of glass.

The night before Christmas it’s hung in the tree,

while everyone’s sleeping, it’s done secretly.

And on Christmas morning when you arise,

the first one to find the Christmas Pickle will get a surprise!

A family tradition for all to share.

You’ll look for the pickle year after year.

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Christmas Pickle Gift Ideas

handblown glass pickle ornament

This hand blown ornament from the Kurt Adler Collection is a beautiful piece of art and well priced. Find it here.

pickle slices ornament

Here is one to throw them off the trail. This beautiful, hand blown pickle chips ornament will be sure to get a laugh this year. Find it here.

pickle ornament santa hat

How about an ornament to make them laugh out loud. Unexpectedly finding a pickle smiling back at them while wearing a Santa hat. Buy this one here.

The Tradition of the Christmas Pickle

old christmas tree

A very old Christmas eve tradition in Germany was to hide a pickle (ornament) deep in the branches of the Tree. The parents hung the pickle last after all the other ornaments were in place. In the morning, the most observant child would receive an extra gift from Santa. -The first adult who finds the pickle, traditionally gets good luck for the whole year.

— An Old German Tradition

metal pickle ornament

Being so small, this particular one can be a little difficult to find on the tree. Only the most observant eyes will see this metal engraved one in a hurry. It also has a lovely card with describing the original German tradition. Find it here.

Hide The Pickle Christmas Tradition Game

six pickle ornaments game

Did you know there is a twist on the Christmas pickle tradition? You can hide six different ornaments on the tree, each having it’s own number. Have everyone search for one and grab it. Then, pull numbers from a hat and see who gets to open presents first, second and so on. Buy the game here.