Christmas Traditions

Leaving Cookies for Santa

The big guy has a lot of work today, so it is always appreciated when he visits to find a nice plate of cookies and maybe a warm hot chocolate waiting for him to fill his belly. It is just nice to show your appreciation.

The Christmas Pickle

For years it was a little known German tradition, but in recent years many others have adopted the Christmas pickle into their own family festivities. Hiding it on the tree can be fun and the kids love it.


Started by many church groups, but nowadays you can find so many other organizations or just neighbors looking to spread the holiday spirit. It is easy to organize and for many, it can be a highlight to their evening.

Advent Calendars

With all of the anticipation leading up to the big day. This kitchy item can be an every day reminder of what is to come. Sometimes these are as simple as marking the days, while others contain a treat for each date revealed.


For those who want to do more than just celebrate, but wish to surround themselves with the season and become immersed. Some people keep it simple, while others go all in. However you like to enjoy the holiday, this is a part of the holiday some people look forward to the most.

Exchanging Gifts

Don’t let the commercialization of Christmas overwhelm you. Christ was a gif to the world and this is symbolic of the nature of this gift. Giving should be a sharing process which is why the best gifts are not always the most expensive, but the most thoughtful. Please keep that in mind this season.


The traditional dinner was Goose served as the entrée. But most any feast is appropriate nowadays. Getting together with the ones you love and sharing a meal is never a bad idea, but Christmas always seems extra special.

Hanging the Stockings

This tradition goes back many years, but nowadays, it is oftentimes filled with sweets and small gifts. You’ll generally find children grabbing their stockings and digging in before parents are up giving them something to quell their exuberance since gifts are not open till the family is ready.

Christmas Trees

You’ll find may references to Christians adopting Pagan celebrations to make Christianity more acceptable. True as that is, it has been a part of the holiday for hundreds of years. They are beautiful, and when adorned with ornaments, ribbons, and beads, they make for quite an attractive, temporary addition to the home.

Manger Scenes

It is important to remember the reason for Christmas and nativity scenes do this well. They come in many shapes and styles, but the main theme is always there. The birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Letter to Santa

One of the more memorable activities is having the children write their own letter to Santa Claus letting him know what they would like for under the tree.


The recent trend in the diversity of Christmas clothing, individuals are not only expressing their personal style but also spreading the contagious spirit of Christmas and creating lasting memories with loved ones.