The Toys And Musical Instruments From How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Beloved by anyone who enjoys the Christmas season, you would find it difficult to meet anyone who doesn’t know who the Grinch is. Scrooge is possibly the only other character in fiction who rivals his distaste for this holiday.

Within the story, you of course have the polar opposite within the community of Whoville. No one seems to find more excitement in Christmas day than these residents. I remember watching this TV show and reading the book and being infatuated with the imagination of Dr. Seuss and all of his creations.

This author really knew how to draw the most whimsical and outrageous toys that made you want to join in the fun.

whoville bicycle 1
whoville bicycle 2

The funny thing is when you watch the show, we can all relate to the unbridled hysteria unleashed from the children. We have all at one time or another witnessed this type of exuberance on Christmas day.

Without taking sides, as one gets older it can almost be hard to argue with the complaints of the Grinch regarding all of the NOISE! NOISE! NOISE! NOISE!

But it is Christmas after all, a day of celebration, so….

Though, if you really consider all of the toys the kids play with most are, in fact, loud musical instruments.

grinch the noise noise noise

Being a very musical community, it seems their culture likes to incorporate musical instruments into their toys and this makes for some of the most memorable scenes in the story. For the list below, DR. Seuss calls these specific ones out by name.

Who doesn’t love the Whoville instruments?

jingtinglers whoville toy


First, there are the jingtinglers which appear to be over sized jingle bells of a sort that are connected to the child’s shoes.

Floofloover and Tartinkas

If you have someone who can multitask, then we have the floofloover and tartinkas all in one on wheels. This tuba and symbols combination would be a hit in any home I am sure.

floofloover and tartinkas dr seuss toy
whohoopers dr seuss


Here we have someone playing their brand new whohoopers. This is a combination of many horns all in one.


Not sure if this was meant to be a high chair on wheels, but the drum is definitly a nice addition. This gardinka will provide years of enjoyment.

Now the book appears to name them gardookas, but for the sake of making a more interesting rhyme, I believe they may have changed the script slightly.

gardinkas musical toys whoville
trumtooka whoville


If you and a sibling are going to play with the trumtooka, you had better have some teamwork and balancing skills.


These children appear to be playing a bell called the slooslunka.

One carries the musical instrument while one pings it with a straw and projectile.

slooslunkas children whoville
blumbloopas musical instrument


We have all seen one man bands so a blumbloopa is a perfect way to get your start.

Two drums, a horn and a small bell as an added touch all on wheels.


Buy your kids not just a skateboard, but a whowonka and they will stay active all day.

whowonkas children playing
zoozittacarzay game


If you want to step up your game, then let them play a roller skate, crochet lacrosse/croquet combo called zoozittacarzay.

zoozittacarzay  crochet

Electro Whocarnio Flook

And what home would be complete without a mobile full orchestra? One person to conduct and 5 people to play. This massive tuba on wheels is just not complete without a few bells, a triangle and one drum operated by a foot pedal.

electro whocarnio flooks