Xmas in July

Why celebrate twice?

For those who just an’t get enough of the season, I present to you Christmas In July. Twelve months can be a long time to wait for the most wonderful time of the year. The idea just seems to be gaining popularity every year.

Sorry to say, but not all families can be together in December. Some may even need to choose where to spend the holiday and miss out on celebrating with all of their loved ones in place. This definitely provides the opportunity to celebrate the occasion without doing so twice, one week apart.

Christmas In July

So when is Christmas In July?

For whatever reason, everyone seems to agree that Tuesday, July 25, 2023 is the date for this year.

There seems to be many stories of when this tradition began from Australia heat in December to a French Opera in the 1890’s. But I am going with the story from North Carolina.

Decorating for this duplicate holiday

Depending on your circumstances, it can be minimal or all out fun. I can tell you for example, living in the South, I would be hard pressed to get people to show up for an Ugly Sweater Contest in 90° heat. But there are alternatives to this for those who are really into the spirit.

In the past, it was more complicated and costly to enjoy the holiday during the offseason. But with the access to movies on streaming services, you can sit down and watch them with the family pretty much anytime. Also, there is no fretting about decorations, especially ones that are not suitable for this time of year. You can easily order on Amazon or other websites and have it delivered in no time.

You can put out your regular holiday decor, though you might have trouble finding a fresh cut tree. But many people really embrace the event and get decorations that are a fusion of Summer and Xmas. You may not end up buying gifts as you would on Black Friday, but nothing says you can’t fill a few stockings. Truth be told, most people don’t light up their entire house, but will find areas inside or out to spread a little cheer.

Keep in mind that even if you hang lights outside, it is going to be very late before it is dark enough to be appreciated…. unlike the early nights in the Winter.

So think in terms of substitutions. Trade out hot cocoa for chocolate milk, sweaters for T-Shirts and decorated palm trees around the pool instead of Christmas trees. Since their is nothing official about this holiday, there are no rules to be broken. Have fun, invite others and enjoy time with friends and family.

If you are looking for more ideas to help you celebrate