White Elephant Gift Ideas For Christmas Parties

Ah yes, it is that time of year when family, friends and coworkers organize the Holiday gift grab. This time honored tradition goes by many names; Secret Santa, Yankee Swap, White Elephant and other variations. The rules are basically the same with some differences but it ultimately always comes down to finding a present for someone you don’t know or may know but not well.

Safe is always the best choice as you don’t want to offend or look cheap. So here are some time honored ideas at different prices that are sure to be a hit at the party.

Yankee Candle

You can hardly go to to any Christmas party and not have one of these appear. It is a time honored tradition that this candle be passed around so the party goers can take in the fragrance and whichever form of gift grab you are attending, this is sure to be sought after.

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Lottery Tickets

Though not available in all states, Scratch off lottery tickets are always a big hit. You won’t end up going over the set budget of the grab and you will certainly hear the big OOOHH! when they are opened. Not as creative as some gifts, but it gets the job done.

Starbucks Cups and Gift Card

starbucks tumbler

With or without the gift card, this always raises eyebrows. If your intended recipient does not care for coffee, they will often still use it for other beverages or know someone who does love good coffee.

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Hot Chocolate Bombs

hot chocolate bombs and flavored spoons

A hot gift this Christmas and something very appropriate for the season is Hot Chocolate. But not just any. These put a little more excitement because as they dissolve in the hot milk, they release their own marshmallows. What fun!

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Christmas Tree Ornaments

2020 Christmas Tree Ornament

This being a year we will likely not forget, add a little fun to the mix. For years they will always remember the year of 2020 the way that New Englanders recall the Blizzard of 78.

Give them a Covid Ornament or find one on Amazon that is better suited for the party.

Card & Board Games

Over the years with everyone online in a virtual world, many people have rediscovered games that you can play right on your kitchen table. For some, back are the days of sitting down with friends on a Friday night and enjoying the camaraderie of each others company. For a Secret Santa present, you could not pick a wiser choice.

Amazon Alexa

One of the most popular technology devices for the past few years has been Alexa from Amazon. Around the holidays, it usually goes on special. When someone opens this at a work party, it always sure to get approval. Check out Echo Dot here.

Coffee Table Books

What could be more enjoyable around the holidays than a book about Christmas. They add to the decoration of a living room and people enjoy turning the pages while relaxing in the evening. Click on any of the suggestions below.